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Ansvar: A once excellent company underwritten by thieves

we were with ansvar for over 35 years in 3 countries. Held multiple policies. Ansvar was always responsive even though we only made probably 4 claims in that time.

Then Allianz took over last year and WHAM. Policy costs trebled. Service went down. I managed to find alternative suitable cover for almost every place except one which was a more expensive property in a heritage area (many insurers onl y like nice suburban residential in new areas).

This year the premium went up over 30%. No reason. All previous discounts were removed (except for the age one) and we have no choice but to pay. Called them. Long call with no outcome. Allianz gives ansvar a commission but nothing passed on to customer. Disgusted they have simply rolled over. Our church also got slugged and, despite ansvar supposedly friendly to churches, following discussions the church council has got another insurance cover at half the cost for identical cover.