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After a crash refused to acknowledge that my policy was paid

After paying for third party insurance fire and theft, I downgraded to third party over the phone. After a crash later in the year they somehow had in their systems I did not pay for my insurance.

My bank statements clearly showed my insurance being paid.

After a year’s worth of correspondence and being $5000 in debt and SGIO posting edited calls and threats to take me to court. A financial obud sman looked through the evidence and ruled that I did indeed pay for my insurance and SGIO over the phone should have acknowledged my bank statements.

Approximately a year after the crash I am now waiting on the phone for 30 minutes to talk to the 7th person who does not understand my situation. I am sure after this 7th person, I will be put on hold to to talk to an 8th person who can actually take my excess.

All in all dont let sgio do your insurance you will be on the phone to at least 10 ppl in explaining what happened after your crash and/or have sgio post you legal threats to avoid responsibility and/or sgio will put you through another 10 ppl to pay your excess

You dont want this insurance especially in what could be the biggest accident in your life!