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Article Review: How far will social media activism go?

When African-American teenager was shot dead, the uproar in the social media was loud and clear. It was big in the blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

The case has not taken seriously, but due to the Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, the justice section is dealing with the issue. This article has Cleary indicated the role of social media in movements.

If there were no social media, the death case of Trayvon could have just been dropped without any justice done. Photos have been used in the article, and they make it more useful.

The material could have been made more useful if videos and graphs were included. The material is relevant and useful to the readers. It has not been made very involved because the main subject is the effectiveness of social networking on movements.

Cell phone penetration is growing in Pakistan, and that has increased the presence of social media. That has also been evident in the cases of Rangers shooting and Maya Khan Story.

The issue on internet filtering by the government has also made risen the presence of social networking in movements. Though the article has fewer limitations, it can still be relevant for the readers who are interested in changes.