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Article Review: The Political Power of Social Media

Political power is an article that is written by Clay Shirky, who is a professor of New Media at New York University. The main reason for writing the article was to analyse the potential of social media to encourage political change.

The author’s particular standpoint was an argument on the importance of social media in supporting the civil humanity and the community sphere and that they can be significant in the formation of a political environment of change.

The author has facilitated the reliability of the article by providing examples of the roles that the social media has played in the political movements. Being a learned and an author who has high experience in new media, Clay’s work is reliable.

Clay published the article in 2011 and has clearly outlined a flow of events since the 1990s up to 2010. In his work, Clay has clearly explained Estrada’s fate as the first event that marked the first time that the social networking helped in forcing out a national leader.

Finally, he has made a clear conclusion that the real effect of social media on some societies can be seen in years and decades rather than after weeks and months. The author critically analyses his work providing precise information making the work reliable and useful. It is easy for the leaders to get information about social media and movements from the work. Hence, this article is recommendable.