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Facebook Launches Coronavirus Hub for Messenger

Social media giants are coming together to fight against the spread of coronavirus and misinformation on their platforms. Facebook had placed information hub on Instagram

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AIC wants Government of Pakistan to review newly released social media regulations

The Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) wants the Government of Pakistan to consult these newly released social media regulations with the authorities and reconsider it because

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Chinese database scraps paywall to fight against coronavirus

The scientific database run by Tsinghua University in China has decided to drop its paywall and provide content free of charge in a bid to

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Maserati Ready to Reveal Its First Hybrid Car

Maserati is all ready to launch its hybrid car in the upcoming Beijing show. The hybrid car is going to be the first push towards

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Jazz launched affordable smart feature phone just for PKR 1800

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, Technologies, maker of the leading mobile operating system for smart feature phones, and Swift Biz Solutions, the innovative technology-based

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