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Bill Gates Forecasted about Coronavirus Like Epidemic in 2019

Last year, at a conference hosted by the Massachusetts Medical Society, Bill Gates warned the audience that a global epidemic was likely, and sooner than

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Are We Masters or Slaves of Technology?

No doubt, technological progression has metamorphosed the lifestyle of layman tremendously. It has unlocked the better avenues for transforming the propositions into reality. One can

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The Internet, Community and Religion

Internet, as stated by Hine (2013), is a worldwide medium of information transfer that aids in time saving since the duration taken to convey a

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Digital technology and networked connectivity have fundamentally changed games and play

Games are considered the best way to rejuvenate oneself, in the free time where, an individual can spare some time. These games and play were

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How does Actor-Network Theory Differ from the Theory of the Social Construction of technology?

In theorizing the relationship between technology and the society, scientists have often applied the two theories of actor-network theory and the theory of the social

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