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Freedom of Expression: Asian Cyber Activism

The past is essentially dominated by men. Women, nevertheless, have played key roles in the world as well. Society had always acknowledged a standard of living of the man bringing home the money and the woman cooking, cleaning and raising the children.

Women’s rights movements and feminism started was during colonialism for example during the transfer of power in 1947, Fatima Jinnah formed the All Pakistan Women’s Association (APWA) which struggle for right of Muslim women’s.

Women were making huge steps towards political, economic, social and personal equity. However, the mass media’s portrayal of the movement and its leadership was usually tinged with negative, demeaning commentaries and sexist stereotypes about feminism. Thus, the women’s movement and the use of alternative streams of communications got further impetus.With the age of the internet in 1990s, women’s activists in the Asia have increasingly become in step to using digital forms of media and communications. In which, they include e-mail, online forum and information sharing and gathering through the internet in their advocacy work

The internet also cause of challenges for activists to access the internet is limited and it’s requires a high form of proficiency, understanding of global language, need technical ability and financial resources to access the internet.An Additional obstacle to access of the internet infrastructure is found in metropolitan areas.

Digital media given that straight participation in electoral movement continues to be obstructed as an outcome of systemic hurdles; women activist and leaders have required other means by which to improvement visibility and voice.

In case of Asian lesbians

Representation on mass media are still not fully accepted in today’s society and traditional patriarchal portrayals of both men and women are still dominant, with few exceptions to such images, male-dominated woman remain, in many respects such limited views have begun to change within our society.As a result of this lesbians is hardly seen on media, and representations of sexuality have been harshly restricted. Therefore, they start use of unconventional media streams of communications grew additional impetus for instance film festival.

The first Asian lesbian film and video festival took place in Taipei August 2005.The 36 Asian countries are part of this Film festival. It’s delivered a unique chance for them to share feeling and experiences with the spectators and display public the real faces of lesbians other than the distorted images provided by mass media.

The language and culture are challenges for Asian lesbians and the major complications for cross-cultural exchange among Asian lesbian groups. Across Asia Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Malaysian, this all speak different languages.Films and videos demonstrated their influence as an emerging form of activism and visual language provided a new form of communication that associated the gaps in languages and cultures among Asian lesbians.