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Article Review: How Ferguson Protesters Use Social Media

This document was published in 2014 explains how the people of America used social media to protest.

The paper is relevant as it shows how powerful the social media can be. Moreover, the article has demonstrated how the internet social media can be used to the advantage of the citizens.

There has been a clear demonstration in the article that if the social media ceased to exist, Ferguson could not have found the correlation of the ratio disparities with the citizens and law enforcement.

Moreover, this is a current event that makes it relatable and powerful. It is easy for people to relate because it has been a controversial topic among the American and international population because of the social media.

Through the social media, the people were able to create a movement through sending out tweets with information and call to action. More than 20,000 followers were reached each with their Ferguson updates.

The whole thing was to demonstrate the death of the 18-year-old Michael Brown. There are no drawbacks in the article as the use of social media in movements has clearly been shown. Photographs have been used, and it has made the material more efficiently.