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OnePath Home Insurance
I switched to OnePath insurance last year when NRMA increased my premium by nearly 40% although I have been with them for over 10 years and have not made one claim. Looks like they expect me to make up for their losses for the floods, bush fires or whatever.
It was a very easy, no fuss online process to take out insurance with onepath, and they were 20% cheaper. A few months later my home was right in the   center of a severe hailstorm which ripped apart my shade sails.
Again I just made a claim online and a week later they had an assessor come and because the sails were outside, I did not even have to stick around and wait for the guy to arrive. Builder quotes followed then the replacement.
Overall I am very happy with the service. Except that after 12 months my premium had gone up by 30% and I didn’t even get any advice from them. I got quotes from other major insurance and onepath’s premium is still competitive, So I’m happy to stay on although I should have been advised of the steep price hike.

OnePath Home Insurance Review 

I cancelled my $750 a month direct debit to OnePath’s Life Insurance, Accident and Income Protection policies today, all claim-free and well over a decade old. Earlier this year I shopped the policies prompted by a flyer in my Chartered Accountant subscription and found NobleOak offered the same products for close to half the price. I emailed a fair inquiry to OnePath several times for a few months to no avail, eventually a call to say NobleOak may not cover me when overseas, NobleOak confirmed otherwise. I contacted OnePath with an open door to then compete to which they disregarded, the same request for review repeated to no avail. My action to leave then required as I have concerns that OnePath would do the same in the event of a claim.

OnePath  Personal Super

I rolled my super over toonepath personal super host plus and onepath helped themselves to an $1800.00 rollover fee. I’ve been robbed. This should be illegal, big companies helping themselves to our hard earned super. I am disgusted.

OnePath Income Protection

I have been with OnePath since 2016 and I urgently need some information before I claim for the income protection due to medical condition. Due to my unanswered calls to my financial adviser, therefore I called claim phone number provided from the website. And, oh my….the biggest of regret by talking to [name removed] in ANZ Sydney. RUDE! I was thinking to cancel all my policies…

Luckily, my financial adviser called. I have changed my mind. I knew that [name removed] has incredible service and happily to assist me with further informations I need. Thank you.