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RAA insurance ruined 2 months of my life (so far)!

I got in an accident with someone covered by RAA car insurance. She was fully at fault (pulled out of a side street with a give way sign onto a main road and straight into my car). It has so far taken about 15 calls backward and forth between our two insurance companies (first cause she tried to claim it was MY fault, then because they tried to tell me I had to make a claim, now they are trying to say they will only cover a percent of what my car is worth (it was written off)) it has been almost 2 months since the crash. At each step my insurance company (AAMI) have been very helpful and wondering what they are thinking, where as the RAA people have been rude, unhelpful, treated me like I don’t have a clue what I’m saying, and in general made me want to never ever talk to an insurance company again! All in all, I have dreaded my entire experience with RAA so far, and just want to hurry up and get above their heads and have it done!