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Interest rates considering current climate
I’ve been with beyond bank for over 5 years and had my home loan with them for this period.
I recently approached them about decreasing the interest rate (but not through moving to any fixed loan interest rates) I was paying on my loan and was given a ridiculous run around.
First the mobile lender was meant to call but I never heard from him and decided a week later to go to a branch.
I spoke to the branch manager who had no authority at all to do anything. I let her know about a number of lenders who were offering better interest rates than 5.09% with an $11 a month loan fee and she tried to push me into fixing my loan for a year.
I’m wasn’t interested in doing this and asked what else they could do and she let me know she need to check with someone more senior and then proceeded to make me wait over 5 week before hearing back to then recommend I sign on for a one year fixed loan because they wouldn’t offer a better rate.
When I said I would likely refinance she then offered to help me complete the paperwork and later rang me back to actually tell me that there was nothing they needed to do and all forms would be completed by my new institution.