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What Are Some of The Ways To Earn Free Crypto?

 Surveys and Polls

 Filling out a few online polls and surveys is among the simplest ways one can earn cryptocurrency. Insights Network made it even more comfortable and more convenient by releasing INSTAR wallet where users would store their INSTAR tokens once received. The release of a wallet is one of the common ways the blockchain community gets to earn free crypto.
Having a crypto wallet is among the requirements in this method of earning. However, it requires some financial input before you can earn your free tokens. Decentralized platforms carry out airdrops once in a while to gift blockchain community members with their tokens. These are the free tokens that are distributed.
Once in distribution, only a select group of people can receive them. Owning a wallet related to the token is a significant requirement. Another essential requirement is having another token associated to the wallet, such as ETH for ERC-20 compliant tokens. This is where financial input comes in. The tokens are only distributed to those having the stated tokens in their wallets.

 Airdrops and Bonuses

Secondly, free crypto can be earned through hunting for airdrops and bonuses. At the height of blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2017, airdrops and bonuses were everywhere. However, their number has decreased dramatically as a result of the “normalization” of cryptocurrency and a decline in the market.
Earning through hunting airdrops and bonuses is increasingly becoming difficult as the aim of these factors has been achieved (creating awareness about specific cryptocurrencies). There is awareness about cryptocurrency now more than ever, which reduces the urgency for such marketing strategies.
Furthermore, the number of new crypto-related companies seeking to be known globally has decreased greatly, which has, in turn, reduced the number of opportunities for crypto hunters. The bearish market saw new decentralized companies scare away as existing ones struggle to stay afloat.
Some of the ways through which hunters would earn free crypto were via viewing ads or reading stories on specific websites.


Last in this list is earning through crypto faucets. These are slightly similar to bonuses but are more annoying. They reward small amounts of cryptocurrency for tasks completed. These tasks include liking a post, visiting a webpage, or even playing games. The ROI is usually so low that it makes the whole process tedious and frustrating. They also require much input in terms of working hours with little in return, which beats the entire point of earning “free crypto.” The result is a painful process and likely unrewarding process.
Therefore, platforms such as Why It’s Easier To Earn With Instar

From the earning methods described, INSTAR stands out as implementing arguably the most straightforward way through which cryptocurrency can be earned.
Moreover, INSTAR combines appealing features with free crypto service. Users can do more than earn crypto. They can learn about crypto and monitor various cryptocurrencies participating in different markets. These add-ons make INSTAR more rewarding.
The practicality of INSTAR’s earning mechanism makes it the top contender for earning free cryptocurrencies. Merely filling out a survey form guarantees a user some amount of INSTAR tokens. Considering the other options available in the market, INSTAR’s method may be the easiest yet.