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Why You Should Buy the Google Pixel 4A

Google Pixel 4A is Google’s next budget phone expected to be launched sometime in May. Even though the launch might still be days away, there are a lot of speculations and rumors that have already confirmed what to expect from this phone.

With the iPhone SE to give a strict competition to the Pixel 4A, one must ask why to go for this phone and not the iPhone itself. This is why here are all the reasons you should buy Google Pixel 4A as soon as it releases:

Budget Price

Talking about the Pixel series and the price isn’t the main factor to buy it. How is that even possible? Expected to be available for $400, this phone has all the features you expect and more on a decent price tag. There is going to be a 128GB variant as well, and that might cost you a little extra. But, for this price, this phone is a steal-worthy deal.


While we won’t exaggerate and say this is the best-looking phone you will ever buy, but the Google Pixel 4A has curved edges and thin bezels on it. There is a single front-facing camera and a punch-hole design on the front as well. There is a circular fingerprint scanner at the center of the smartphone too. Overall, the design and the features it encompasses are all handsome for what can be expected.


Again, for a mid-ranger, there is a decent list of specifications in the Pixel 4A. The OLED display is 4.1-inch and has an FHD+ resolution of 2340 X 1080 pixels. There are 6GB RAM and 128GB storage as well. Furthermore, there is a 3080mAh battery, so you won’t have to worry about the juice running out quickly.

To Sum It Up

The Google Pixel 4A Price isn’t perfect, nor can we expect it to be. It is missing out on wireless charging among a lot of other things, but the features and the price makes it all the more appealing to get your hands on. If you are looking for a new phone, you might just as well check it out.